Fallon Taylor One Ear Headstall Aztec Brn/Choc

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This single ear headstall is so unique looking that you will get noticed!

Fallon Taylor has a unique style to say the least. But she needed something that worked as hard as she does day in and day out. On the surface, she may be glitzy, but when it comes down to it, she’s a real cowgirl.CACTUS has long held a place of quality in the equine industry. So when the time came to create a new line of saddles, tack and boots that fit Fallon’s style, CACTUS jumped on the project.

Dynamic Edge is just that. It’s a full line of products created with high quality materials and made to sustain the test of daily training as well as looking awesome. Because we all know, Fallon loves her glam…but she’s in love with quality, durability and functionality even more.


* 1-1/2" Wide
* Fallon Taylor Collection
* Cactus Saddlery
* Aztec Designs
* Chocolate and Turquoise Color Scheme
* Chocolate Leather Fringe
* Stainless Steel Hardware
* Silver Berry Buckles