Jr. Cow Horse - 3/8” Twisted Dog Bone Snaffle

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Jr. Cow Horse - 3/8” Twisted Dog Bone SnaffleBit- Jr. Cow, Twisted Dog Bone Snaffle

A great transition bit from the ring snaffle to a bit with a shank. Easy cheek, but the twisted dog bone mouthpiece has a bit more control. Extremely good if you need help getting your horse’s legs underneath him and his rear end down. The short gag action collects a horse well. Three-piece mouth adds a little bite to this low leverage bit for more control. Works well for all types of horses. This Stage B transition bit is designed for enhanced turning and stopping. This bit is designed to be used with your choice of curb strap or chain.

Item Specifications:
5″ Cheeks 5″ Mouth

MFG#: CR348